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A permanent nanny at home is in huge demand and we offer working families with children a solution that works around school and work hours. A permanent nanny at home works an average of 2-5 hours a day, Monday – Friday. Some families ask for extra babysitting on weekends. Most families hire a regular nanny on a daily or weekly basis, which is why we pair you with a regular nanny who lives near your family.

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How does a permanent nanny at Korall’s Kids Care work?

We schedule an intake meeting to meet your family and children in person at your home. Following this meeting, we will look for the perfect match, a permanent nanny who is a perfect fit for your family. We will then pair the permanent nanny with you. You will receive the sitter’s details, then you can get in touch and arrange the first babysitting day or let me know on which days you need a permanent nanny and I will arrange everything with the permanent nanny!

Permanent Nanny Amsterdam and surroundings

Need a permanent nanny in Amsterdam? At Korall’s Kids Care, we take care of that! We have a large pool of nannies studying Pedagogy. A reliable and screened nanny is important to us at Korall’s Kids Care. We arrange a permanent nanny in Amsterdam in the Amsterdam area, such as Amstelveen, Weesp and more.
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