Night Nanny with experience

We have a lot of experience babysitting during the night with kids, baby’s and even newborns (from 0 to a few days old). How great is it to be able to sleep a full night (8 hours) whilst knowing your child is in really good hands? You can go to bed, put some earplugs in, and our Night Nanny will sleep in the babyroom or in the room next-door with a baby monitor. 

The next morning the Night Nanny can wake up with the rest of the kids and have some healthy breakfast! A cup of coffee in bed can be nice right? 

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Nacht nanny - night nanny

Night Nanny in Amsterdam and surroundings

A good night’s rest is very important. The Night Nanny will make sure your (newborn) baby is perfectly taken care of while you are able to sleep all night and get some rest. 

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Night Nanny baby or Night Nanny child

There are lots of reasons to consider a Night Nanny. If your baby cries a lot, has Reflux, or just needs a lot of extra care which makes you sleep very little could really impact you as (new) parents. Or if you just really need some extra sleep for work, we are here to help you out! 

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Night Nanny Amsterdam

At Korall’s Kids Care, your Amsterdam based night nanny service, is here to help new mothers and fathers with all aspects of caring for their newborn babies by providing the highest level of care and guidance to the whole family.

Our night nanny in Amsterdam recognises the effect that a new baby can have on a family and we are there to support and reassure you with any of your childcare needs.

Nacht oppas - night nanny

These are the terms and conditions for Korall’s Kids Care night nanny:

  • When the baby sleeps, the nanny must have the ability to sleep as well (you should have a bed or sofa bed available).
  • The baby can sleep in the room with the nanny (or the baby monitor is in her room), make sure she has everything she needs in reach.

Preferably the nanny and the family meet beforehand, when both parties are excited the first night shift can be scheduled. 

If you have any questions, or if you want to schedule a meet up let me know.