Book your Holiday Nanny

Do you want to go on a holiday with your child(ren), but simultaneously also really get some (well deserved) rest? Take your nanny with you! This way you are together as a family, but can also sneak out together, knowing your kids are well taken care of by their sweet nanny. 

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Extra tasks holiday nanny

The holiday nanny isn’t just taking care of the kids, but could also take on some extra jobs. You can think of making breakfast, or do groceries. And if you and your partner want to go out to dinner, the nanny can stay with the kids in the hotel or holiday home. 

Night nanny during holiday

The holiday nanny can (by agreement) do some Night Nanny services. How great is it to sleep a full night while you know your kids are well taken care of?

As a parent you can just go to bed, put some earplugs in, and the Night Nanny will stay with the kids on their room or in her own room with a baby monitor. Whatever feels right for you! 

Terms and conditions for Holiday nanny

The nanny and the family meet each other before the trip.

  • Beforehand there will be discussed how many hours a day the nanny is available for the family. The other days she will have free time.
  • Flight and stay will be paid by the family.
  • Night Nanny services are not included and need to be paid separately.
  • There will be made clear agreements about the responsibilities of the nanny. 

It is very important to me that there is a perfect match between the family and the holiday nanny, so let’s make that happen together!