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Are you planning an event for your company or for any other occasion? And are you wondering how you will entertain the children? Don’t worry, we’re here to help! The nannies at Korall’s Kids Care will take care of the children on the day of the event. Our event nannies will look after the children so that you and the other adults can enjoy the party without any concerns.

The event nannies will undertake fun activities with kids of all ages. Arts and crafts? Playing outside? Nothing is too much for our lovely nannies!

It is important to have enough nannies at your event, to make sure each child gets the attention they deserve. Are there babies present at the event? That’s absolutely fine, we work with (newborn) babies often and have all the experience required.

Our nannies all study Pedagogy, and have had a very extensive screening, which means your kids are absolutely safe under our care.

Do you want to organise a party or event but want to make sure the kids also have an amazing day? Book your event nanny today at Korall’s Kids Care ‘the nanny service that only works with pedagogy students’ HBO +

How does an event nanny at Korall’s kids care work?

We will schedule an online intake interview to get personally acquainted with your family and discuss your wishes. After this interview, we will look for the perfect nanny match, an event nanny who is a perfect fit for your family.

An event nanny for various events

At Korall’s kids care, we have experience with different types of events, such as weddings, birthdays, big parties and more. Do you have an event of several days? No problem, we also take care of the night with a night nanny.

Mail today to info@koralls-kids-care.com or call +31622143999 and we’ll schedule a call to talk things through! 

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Oppas op kinderfeestje - party nanny

Event Nanny Service YES

– Online intake interview with Korall Koornstra for your event
– All children receive personal attention
– Customized program
– We provide the best care for every age (0 – 12)
– Toys provided by us according to age
– We bring craft supplies, among other things
– Taking into account the different needs of children
– Nanny guidance on location
From €550
0 – 12 years
Minimum 3 hours
Nannies with pedagogical background
Would you like more information & a quote? Please contact us.

On-site event nanny

Do you need an event nanny in Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Groningen, Leiden, Haarlem or in another city/region? At Korall’s kids care, we will take care of it! We have a large pool of event nannies studying pedagogy. Reliability and trustworthiness in a nanny is very important to us at Korall’s Kids Care, which is why every nanny had a thorough screening. We also arrange an event nanny in smaller villages or towns in the Amsterdam area, such as Amstelveen and Weesp. You can also find us in Utrecht, Haarlem, Rotterdam and more. Nannies at children’s (birthday) parties can also be arranged. Get in touch with us now!

Find your event nanny
Event nanny