Child & baby first aid course at Korall’s Kids Care

Do you know what to do in case of poisoning? Or if your little one chokes? No worries, Korall Cares! In collaboration with EHBO Bureau, we are running a child first aid course for all parents and babysitters at Korall’s Kids Care.

First aid course for parents:

Helping children in 5 steps

  • Minor accidents (nosebleed, tooth through lip, object in nose/ear, tick bite)
  • Burns
  • Poisoning
  • Choking and suffocation
  • Wounds
  • Unconsciousness

Watch this course on location.

Discounts from Korall’s Kids Care

Basics: from €99 for €89 (Use voucher code: Korall10)
Plus: from €149 for €129 (Use voucher code: Korall20)

Would you prefer a first aid course at home? Of course you can!

  • You will learn in a private course what to do in case of an accident
  • A certified instructor is entirely at your disposal
  • It’s fun to learn together with your partner, family and/or friends
  • We plan the course on a date and time of your choice
  • Your family and/or friends now know what to do in case of an accident with
  • your little one

Check out the home course.

The cost depends on the number of participants (if you have supplementary insurance, the course will be reimbursed in 95% of cases).