Korall opens Korall’s Kids Boutique in Amsterdam South

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Korall Koornstra, a 21-year-old entrepreneur and owner of nanny agency Korall’s Kids Care, proudly announces the opening of Korall’s Kids Boutique in Amsterdam South. This premium childcare center offers a loving and inclusive environment for children and their parents, and represents the next chapter in Korall’s entrepreneurial story.

From nanny to childcare pioneer

Three years after the launch of her nanny agency at just 18 years old, the opening of Korall’s Kids Boutique marks a new milestone for Korall and her team.

The idea for this venture stems from Korall’s passion for babies and young children, something that has been in her since she was young. Her mother, enthusiastic about this, says: “As a young girl, Korall was always busy with babies and little kids. That she would do something with it later, wasn’t a surprise to us, but that everything would happen so quickly, we hadn’t expected that.”

Now it’s finally here, Korall is opening her first childcare location in Amsterdam South this fall. Korall’s Kids Boutique is a premium childcare center with the goal of providing a loving and inclusive place for children and their parents.

Adrenaline, intuition & really hard work

“I worked very hard, had a lot of adrenaline, and especially listened to my intuition,” says Korall. “I didn’t really know what I was getting myself into, during my first year of studying pedagogy, I suddenly became a full-time entrepreneur. It was crazy how many families were looking for a nanny at home during the COVID-19 pandemic.

I started working as a full-time nanny myself. 24/7 I was at families’ homes, because even as a night nanny, I was in high demand. As the children slept, I worked on my business: setting up the website, making business cards, and automating the administration. I flew from one family to another. More and more parents were asking for a permanent nanny at home.

The nanny service that only works with pedagogy students

Through my studies, I had a large network of pedagogy students. I asked my classmates if they happened to be looking for a nanny job, and that’s how the first nannies joined Korall’s Kids Care.

It went very quickly from there. After a few months, I decided to take it seriously and invested around €100,000 in a good website and my own app. Now, three years later, I’m going to let my next dream come true: Korall’s Kids Boutique, my own childcare center!

From dream to reality: Korall’s Kids Boutique

The establishment of Korall’s Kids Boutique is not only a professional milestone for Korall, but also a fulfillment of a long-held dream. During her studies in pedagogy at the Hogeschool van Amsterdam, Korall went on an internship at a childcare center and was confronted with the shortcomings of the current childcare systems.

Korall gives an example: “Because there were few caregivers, the babies and children didn’t receive the attention they deserve. We rarely went outside, while children actually enjoy it and it’s important for their development.” These shortcomings motivated her to start her own childcare center.

A fresh perspective on childcare

Korall shares her vision for Korall’s Kids Boutique: “It’s fantastic that I can now make my vision for a good, safe, and enjoyable childcare center a reality. With our unique vision, we offer a fresh perspective on childcare.”

The values that distinguish Korall’s Kids Boutique from other childcare organizations:

  • Breastfeeding-friendly childcare
  • Sleeping outside for deep and restful sleep in the fresh air
  • Rain or sun, we play outside every day
  • Passionate team with attention and love for each child
  • The only childcare center that also offers in-home nannies

With Korall’s dedication to quality, safety, and child-centered learning, Korall’s Kids Boutique will become a welcoming home for young children and their parents in Amsterdam South. Korall is eagerly waiting to open her first location, which will provide a place for babies from 3 to 18 months. With the second location for older children already in sight, this entrepreneurial story promises a beautiful sequel.

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