15x the best maternity gifts for mommy

Postpartum mama met baby op bed

New mothers receive endless amounts of maternity gifts for the birth of their little one.

And guess what? Most of those gifts are only meant for the baby or are completely impractical. Onesies, stuffed animals, baby socks: during the maternity period, you’re overwhelmed with gifts for your baby. And it’s totally lovely, but aren’t we forgetting the new mom a bit?

Giving a thoughtful maternity gift is the best way to show a (new) mom that you’re supporting and encouraging her during this life-changing experience.

Do you have no idea what kind of maternity gift you can give to a mom to make her feel relaxed, valued, and supported?

We’ll give you some lovely ideas and inspiration. In this article, we’ll explore the 15 of the most lovely maternity gifts for mom that she’ll definitely appreciate during her maternity period.

Postnatale Mama Massage

1. A Postnatal Massage (at home) for the ultimate selfcare.

After nine months of pregnancy and giving birth to a beautiful baby, mom usually starts her maternity period being faced with a body that has completely changed which feels uncomfortable and unfamiliar.

The constant carrying and feeding of her new little one often causes new physical discomforts.

A postnatal massage brings mom to a place of complete relaxation and calmness.

A massage is then the ultimate maternity gift to help a new mother heal her body and calm her mind.

It can also help her find a renewed appreciation for her body.

You can book a postnatal massage with a professional massage therapist who specializes in postnatal treatments.

Ask if they offer in-home treatments, so that mom can stay in the comfort of her own home while she receives a calming and healing massage.

Night Nanny Korall

2. Newborn Nanny for ME-time

As a new mom in the Netherlands, you have the right to maternity care in the first few days after giving birth.

But when that’s no longer available, you can still use some help.

A few hours of help from a newborn nanny can be a lifesaving maternity gift for moms.

A newborn nanny is specialized in caring for newborn babies and can help mom with changing diapers and feeding, so she can rest.

Hire a newborn nanny from Korall’s Kids Care for a few hours a day as a maternity gift. We can guarantee you’ll have a grateful, happy, and well-rested mom!

Postpartum Care Box

3. Postpartum Care Kit

Regardless of how mom has given birth, during her maternity period, she needs to heal and recover. During this period, it’s important that she takes care of herself and her body.

A postpartum care kit can help mom take care of her body after childbirth.

There are beautiful kits available in different price ranges, containing products such as perineal spray, calming oils, nipple compresses, and bathing herbs.

Don’t want to buy a pre-made kit? You can always be creative and assemble your own postnatal care set for mom.

Postpartum Maaltijd Service

4. Meal services, Deep-frozen meals or Meal Train

The last thing mom’s want to think about during their maternity period is cooking.

During the maternity period, you as mama are busy enough getting used to a new life with a baby.

The last thing you want to think about during this period is cooking. Mothers often simply don’t have the time or energy to prepare fresh meals between feedings, naps, and baths.

Offering a meal service to new mommy is a fantastic gift to ensure that she always has a delicious and nutritious meal at home during her maternity period.

So she can devote her time and energy to feeding and caring for her little one.

If you’re looking for a maternity gift around €100, look no further. Sign mama up for a meal delivery service that specializes in preparing healthy meals like OH MY GUTS.

Do you like cooking yourself? Make pre-made frozen meals and fill her freezer with delicious homemade meals.

Or get friends and family involved and organize a Meal Train.

Noise Cancelling Headphones

5. Noise Cancelling headphone of earplugs.

Babies can be calm and sweet, and sleep a lot.

But they can also be very loud, especially in those first weeks when their tummies are adjusting to breastmilk or formula.

Crying fits can be extremely stressful for mommy, especially if she’s sleep-deprived and overwhelmed by hormones.

Noise-cancelling headphones or earplugs can be a useful pregnancy gift for when daddy or the nanny takes over, so that mommy can rest.

These noise-cancelling headphones or earplugs block out all noise, allowing her to take a break and enjoy that well-deserved rest.

Noise-cancelling headphones or earplugs are a great maternity gift.

Nacht Nanny Baby

6. Night Nanny – Peacefully enjoying a full night’s rest

Sleep. Moms definitely don’t get enough of it in the first weeks after giving birth.

Especially at night, when their little one wakes up constantly and wants to be fed.

That’s why this maternity gift is one of our favorites!

Hire a night nanny for the ultimate pampering night for mom. A night nanny spends the night at mom’s home and helps her with feeding and changing diapers, so that mom can get a few extra Zzz’s.

Hire a night nanny via Korall’s Kids Care for one or two nights during mommy’s maternal periode. She will certainly appreciate this crazy lovely maternity gift!

Wasmachine inladen - wasjes draaien

7. Help with daily chores

In the first weeks after childbirth, mom should have all the time and energy to focus on resting, recovering, and caring for her little one.

To support a mother in this, you can offer to help with daily chores.

It may seem simple, but it can be the most thoughtful maternity gift for a (new) mother.

Suggest doing groceries, washing laundry, cleaning the toilet, or other tasks in and around the house. She will feel incredibly supported with this help!

8. Professional Cleaner or Laundry Service

Want to help mom with a clean home or fresh laundry, but don’t have the time to do it yourself?

Rent a professional cleaner for a few hours a week as a maternity gift.

This way, mom can focus on caring for her baby and recovering, instead of feeling stressed about a messy house.

Another great maternity gift is offering a laundry service, so she doesn’t have to worry about clean (baby) clothes, towels, and bed linens

Audioboek luisteren

9. Audiobooks

Does mom love to read? Once the baby is born, there isn’t much time left to sit comfortably on the couch with a cup of tea and a book.

A thoughtful maternity gift for moms who love reading is definitely a gift card for an audiobook. Or – even better – a subscription to an audiobook service.

This way, you can help her enjoy her reading time even with a baby, all for a budget of less than €100.

She can listen to a great novel while the baby sleeps, or enjoy a non-fiction book while taking care of the baby.

Natural Skincare voor mama en baby

10. Natural Skincare-products

Short nights and a lot of hormones have a significant impact on a mother’s skin during pregnancy and after giving birth.

When choosing skincare products, you want to choose something without harsh additives.

Giving a package of natural skincare products that are gentle and safe for mom and baby can help her take care of herself.

Kenko Skin Care products are specifically designed for mothers and babies.

Consider gifting one of the gift sets offered on the website, or offer a gift card so mom can choose the products she likes best.

Meditaties voor mama's

11. Meditation series

Motherhood is a life-changing experience that comes with many beautiful moments, but also challenging obstacles and intense emotions.

Meditation can be a wonderful way to guide mom’s through this experience.

Regular meditation practice can help her find moments of relaxation and reduce stress – all of which will positively impact her ‘new’ life with a baby.

If you’re looking for a nice maternity gift around €100 that will support her daily, you can give her an online meditation series or online meditation course.

Have a bit more budget? Consider gifting her a few sessions with a yoga or meditation instructor to meditate under the guidance of a professional.

Waterbeker met een rietje voor mama's

12. Waterbottle with straw

Did you know that breastfeeding mothers need to drink extra water? To make milk for their little one, they use up a significant amount of extra fluid.

That’s why it’s super important for moms to stay hydrated throughout the day.

By the way, it’s also essential for moms who formula-feed to maintain their fluid levels.

Drinking plenty of water throughout the day is much easier with a water bottle that has a straw, which makes it a perfect maternity gift!

The straw makes it easy to drink – even when you’re carrying your little one or while feeding!

Accupressure mat

13. Acupressure Mat

Probably not the first thing that comes to mind when thinking of a maternity gift, but we’re sure that mama will love it: an acupressure mat.

Acupressure mats provide relief from back pain, help you sleep better, and boosts energy – all from the comfort of your own home.

Given that mama experiences a range of aches and pains in the first few weeks after giving birth, an acupressure mat is a fantastic way for moms to take a moment for themselves.

The perfect maternity gift for a mom to release tension in her body and calm her mind.

14. Loungewear for Mama

A must-have during the postpartum period: comfortable loungewear.

What mama really wants during the recovery period and taking care of her little one is to feel comfortable and relaxed.

The right clothing will help her achieve that. Soft and comfortable clothing options are the best choice, because those first weeks are all about resting, feeding, and snuggling with the baby.

Loungewear that makes mama feel safe and comfortable is a perfect fit for a list of lovely maternity gifts.

Check out the maternity clothing, nightwear, and loungewear from Boob Design – beautiful designs and all sustainably produced

Mooie bos bloemen

15. A beautiful bouquet of flowers

Nothing brightens up the day like a fresh bouquet of flowers! With a beautiful bouquet, mama will surely feel valued.

If you’re looking to bring some luck, a beautiful bouquet might be just what you’re looking for. Would you like to know which florist is our favorite?

Take a look at A.P. Bloem in Amsterdam. They offer a beautiful selection of bouquets and stunning arrangements.

Even for those looking for a maternity gift with a budget around €100, this will surely be a success.

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