You’ve finally put (roughly) 40 weeks of pregnancy and the long hours of labor behind you and you’re officially a mom. Yey, congratulations!
Now comes the transition from pregnancy to postpartum and that brings with it all kinds of new symptoms and questions. And a period in which you can really use help and support. They don’t say for nothing that it takes a village!
Here we tell you more about your postpartum body and recovery after childbirth and how we at Korall’s Kids Care can support you in this special phase of life.
It is of course wonderful that we receive 10 days of maternity care in the Netherlands. But we think that’s way too short. We are happy to take care of you for the next 30 days so that every new mom can fully enjoy her 40 days of recovery!
Postpartum Care Essentials
30 dagen postpartum care
1 x Introduction & intake interview before childbirth
1 x Planning meeting during the maternity week
3 x Night nanny + breakfast in bed
3 x 4 hours Mama & newborn care
3 x Breath / Yoga / Meditation (video)
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Postpartum Care Premium
30 dagen postpartum care
1 x Introduction & intake interview before childbirth
1 x Planning meeting during the maternity week
6 x Night Nanny & breakfast in bed
6 x 6 hours of Mama & newborn care
6 x Breath / Yoga / Meditation (aan huis)
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What is Postpartum?

The concept of postpartum is a medical term. This means after giving birth. Until recently, the term postnatal (= after birth) was also used for this. Often it is immediately associated with postpartum depression, but in sec it refers purely to the period after childbirth. There is also talk of “the fourth trimester” and the maternity period.

How Long Does Postpartum Recovery Take?

However you gave birth, the first six weeks after giving birth are considered an important recovery period.
Even if you had a very uncomplicated pregnancy and the easiest delivery ever, your body has been stretched and strained to its limits and needs a chance to recover properly.

40 days postpartum recovery

In many non-western traditions and cultures around the world, the 40 days after childbirth are considered a very special period.
During pregnancy, a woman’s body gives priority to providing the fetus with nutrients. According to Ayurveda, the system reorients itself 40 days after birth and prioritizes its own body’s nutrition.

Deprecate for one to two years

You often hear that you have to conceive for another nine months after giving birth, but in practice most mothers indicate that they only feel like themselves again after 1-2 years. And that is largely due to the hormones that have to recover in the body.

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