The Doula Mediation Agency in the Netherlands

In preparation for your childbirth, it’s good to consider who will be present at that moment. Who do you feel comfortable and safe with? Most pregnant women choose their partner, but there are also women who would like to have a sister, friend, or mother present at their childbirth. You can also opt for a doula as additional support during your pregnancy and childbirth.

Doula is a Greek word that means ‘a woman who helps other women.’ The term has evolved to refer to women with experience in assisting with childbirth by providing physical and emotional support and offering information to the mother (and partner) before, during, and after childbirth.

The Doula listens to you, reassures you, and coaches you through challenging moments. She will especially help you relax and focus on your breathing. She can do this, for example, through meditations and visualizations. During contractions, she may try to alleviate the pain of childbirth by providing counterpressure or massages. She also guides you with different birthing positions to stimulate dilation and facilitate optimal descent of the baby.

Your doula is not there to make medical decisions, but because she has a lot of experience with a variety of births, she is well aware of the possible medical interventions. She can therefore help with communication with the healthcare providers around your delivery bed. For example, by providing additional explanations, so that you have all the information you need to make the right choices. And if, for example, an emergency intervention is needed, she will ensure that you and your partner know exactly what is going to happen. In this way, she ensures that even when things get hectic, the birth goes as smoothly as possible. She takes you through the birth step by step.

The doula will be available to answer questions before the birth. It is also helpful to create or discuss your birth plan together. If the doula is well aware of what you want, she can provide you with even better support from the moment the birth begins. At times when you are not able to tell people what you would like, your doula can take over for you. The doula ensures that your birth goes as smoothly as possible. We believe it is important that every woman receives the support she deserves, and that is what we provide at Korall’s Doula Care.

Know that the doula is really there for you, she will not leave you alone and will be by your side 24/7 during the birth if that is what you want. It can be very nice to know that there is really someone with knowledge and experience who will also stay with you for your entire birth. If you are going to give birth in the hospital, it is likely that the midwife will be supervising multiple births at the same time, so she cannot be with you all the time. A doula can do that, she is really there all the time.

Why choose a Doula at Korall’s Doula Care?

  • We hear you
  • We see you
  • We think along with you
  • A nice person at your birth who has all the knowledge and tools to be able to help you
  • Your wishes are central
  • Look back on your birth with a good feeling
  • There is often less pain relief needed when a doula is present at the birth
  • Professional massages whenever you need
  • We offer different packages, we also offer support after the birth (night nanny, specialized newborn nanny, postpartum care)
Onze Doula's

Korall’s doula care pakketten

We offer different packages, including a basic package with Doula care during the birth, and a Doula Care+ package which includes 2 night nanny nights in the postpartum week. Of course, maternity care is only the first week after the birth and only during the day, but it can be nice to also get extra help and care at night. Night nanny is from 22:00 pm to 08:00 am and you will then receive an experienced night nanny who is specialized in newborn babies. Doula Care extra+ has even more extra aftercare.

*For twins, there are additional costs for night nanny.
Doula Care basic
Birth support
Introductory meeting at your house
3 appointments during pregnancy; pregnancy massage, discuss birth plan & do relaxation/breathing exercises
Doula present at the birth
Appointment after the birth to go through your birth together
Available for all your questions via whatsapp & email
Maternity visit & nice maternity gift
I want the Doula Care Basic package
Doula Care All-in
Birth support
Introductory meeting at your house
4 appointments during pregnancy; 2X pregnancy massage, discuss birth plan & do relaxation/breathing exercises
Doula present at the birth
Appointment after the birth to go through your birth together
4 nights night nanny during the maternity week
6 hours experienced new born nanny during the day after the maternity week
Available for all your questions via whatsapp & email
Maternity visit & nice maternity gift
I want the Doula Care All-in package

How Korall’s Doula Care started

After 2.5 years of working on my own nanny agency (Korall’s Kids Care), it was time for a new project. I knew it right away: “Korall’s Doula Care”.

Since we have a partnership with maternity care (for night nanny), I became increasingly interested in births and started the 9-month Doula training in Utrecht. I think it’s wonderful to be able to support births as well, to be able to offer something extra. From birth to puberty, how cool is that!?

Let’s meet each other!

At Korall’s Doula Care, we believe it is important that the match between the doula and the family feels 100% right, so we take care of that. We offer Doulas in Amsterdam, Utrecht, Haarlem, Leiden and the surrounding area. Are you looking for a Doula? You are always welcome to contact us!


For financial questions |


    We will schedule a matching meeting to see if there is a connection between the doula and your family.


    You will select which package you would like, then you will receive the quote and invoice.


    We will help you through the entire birth with all the tools, massages and explanations you need.

    Experiences with Korall’s Doula Care

    Automatische concepten

    Rated 5 out of 5
    15 December 2023

    Ik ben zo dankbaar dat ik Korall heb leren kennen en haar doula care. Ze heeft een groot netwerk, kent de beste mensen en weet hoe ze moet matchen. Ik hoop via Korall te mogen bijdragen als doula aan veel mooie zwangerschappen en bevallingen!

    Judith Barth

    Response from Korall's Kids Care

    Wat een lieve review Judith, dat gaat zeker goed komen!

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