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Thanks for viewing my website. My name is Korall Koornstra and I study Pedagogy at the university of Leiden. I started Korall’s Kids Care, the nanny service that only works with Pedagogy students, in January 2021 in Amsterdam.

I’ve always loved kids and babies ever since I was a young girl myself. I used to play with dolls all the time, and couldn’t wait until I was old enough to babysit myself. When I was 14, I started a weekend Au-pair job in Leiden and learned so much from it. As I was getting older, the development of children sparked my interest more and more. This was also the reason why I wanted to study Pedagogy.

As I was living in Amsterdam, my network was growing faster and faster. When Covid-19 happened and the country closed down, so did the child daycares and a lot of parents were left without a babysitter. Because of the large demand, I decided to start working with my classmates, and that was the beginning of Korall’s Kids Care. Are you curious to know more? Don’t hesitate to get in touch with us!

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Pedagogy students

We only work with pedagogy students as nannies because we want to be sure there is an honest interest in child development, this way we can really help you! We find it important to be able to support parents in developing a positive pedagogically responsible parenting style. You (parents) can always ask us anything, and we will always give or find a pedagogically appropriate answer to give back to you.

Besides the fact that being a nanny is super fun, it is also a learning experience and relates to our studies perfectly. Which means everyone can directly apply the theory in practice and this way we can provide additional support to your family. Amazing right?

Maternity care

We work together with Jillz maternity care. This means we often work with newborn babies (0-10 days old). The first few weeks with a newborn baby are not only super special, but can be very difficult and exhausting too, which is why we offer night nanny to take some weight of your shoulders and help you out during the night(s).
At Korall’s Kids Care the nannies are specialized in night shifts. Our Nanny will work a 10 hour shift, usually from 22:00-08:00. If you want to change the starting or end time, that is not a problem! At Korall’s Kids Care we are super flexible!
For a 10h night shift we will charge €181,50.
Are you ready for a whole night of (uninterrupted) sleep?
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Child support

Does your child need a little bit more support? We offer nannies to tutor your child. Are you noticing a lack of confidence in your child? We might just have something for you! We are super interested in the development of children and in our studies we get all the tools to stimulate the growth and development of children. We work with many different methods, and customize it for the needs of you child.
If you have any questions don’t hesitate to get in touch with us. Hopefully we are able to offer that little bit of extra support for your child to thrive.

Personal training

All nannies that work at Korall’s Kids Care receive a personal training by Korall. This way they know exactly what is expected of them during a nanny day and they will be ready to have an awesome day with your kids!

Screening babysitter/nanny

We always do an extensive screening with everyone who wants to work as a nanny at Korall’s Kids Care to make sure they are a reliable babysitter. The screening consists of 3 steps:

  1. General check: age, education, experience.
  2. Online and social media check.
  3. References from parents and previous families.


Every nanny has a VOG (Certificate of Conduct).

After the screening we schedule the interview. This usually takes about 30/40 minutes and we make sure to ask them questions about real life examples (for example: “how would you deal with a crying child in the supermarket or another public place?”

If the nanny also wants to do night nanny shifts, we schedule an additional interview. This interview will be done with our night nanny manager. In this interview they go through the night nanny manual and talk over the basics.

We find it super important that all nannies are a perfect match for Korall’s Kids care, and to make sure of this they will always talk to Korall personally after the interview(s). We will make sure you will be matched to the perfect nanny!

Intake interview

Before the collaboration can start, we do an online intake interview. During the intake interview, we explain how everything works at Korall’s Kids Care and would love to get to know you as well. We want to know as much as possible about your family, this way we can make sure to help you find your perfect nanny (babysitter) at home. We will ask questions about your family structure & children.

After the intake interview, you will get access to our KKC APP. Using the app, you can very easily submit a nanny request and you will be matched with a nanny as soon as possible. You can then arrange all the details with the nanny via whatsapp; perhaps it would be nice to meet up a before so you can get acquainted?

We offer various services such as flexible babysitting, night nanny, last-minute babysitting and we can even attend (children’s) birthday parties or weddings!

Are you interested and would you like to know more? Get in touch with us.

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